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Int. Video Communities:

International video communities such as YouTube, Google Video, veoh ...


LoomTV - Search millions of Videos, create channels and embed them on your website

With LoomTV, you can now search videos by keywords within YouTube, Googlevideo, Dailymotion, BlipTV and more. Enjoy watching your favorite videos non-stop, create own tv or music playlists, show them in your profile or embed them on your website, myspace profile or blog. Search also music, online radio, short news and games and combine up to three services at once.

Eingetragen seit: 02.Dec.2009

Metacafe - Web 2.0 video clips sharing community

Metacafe is one of the world\'s largest online video broadcasters with a global audience of 17 million unique visitors (comScore Media Metrix) watching over 400 million videos each month. A top 10 online entertainment destination for males ages 18 - 34 (Nielsen NetRatings) and one of the top 60 largest English language sites in the world (Alexa). Using the VideoRank technology, Metacafe mines the collective wisdom of its audience to filter and surface the most entertaining videos.

Eingetragen seit: 03.Dec.2006

Demoracy Internet TV Platform and Video Player

Democracy Player is a TV on your desktop- it\\\'s an application for watching internet TV channels - in fullscreen mode. If looking for a specific video or videos on a specific topic, the built-in Search tab will let you find videos from Yahoo! Video Search or Blogdigger.The Democracy Player is free and open-source (GPL).

Eingetragen seit: 01.Aug.2006

Veoh Video Community

Join the Veoh network to view and share videos and talk with friends. Offers also Video Blogs. From Veoh: \\\"Veoh provides a system for distributing television and video content that re-writes the rules of television broadcasting. The Veoh client software, installed on PCs or Macs, creates a virtual television network, a system that is able to distribute TV-Quality, Full-Screen video to the hundreds of millions of users around the world via broadband internet connections. Anyone from the largest studio to up-and-coming independents to aspiring enthusiasts can broadcast without the constraints of cost, capacity or geography.\\\"

Eingetragen seit: 05.Jun.2006

Youtube - Broadcast Yourself

Share your videos with friends and family. When you register, you can create a personal video collection, hook into the YouTube community, and share your work with the world.

Eingetragen seit: 30.Mar.2006
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